Selasa, 31 Januari 2012

My Hearts

Posted by Salsabila Tantri Ayu at 07.13

Enough for now;)

Hmm, this time I'll tell you about my teenage life. So, I like a boy I disguised his name to 'R', but he likes another girl, not me. But what I wonder, the manapproached me, I'm afraid I'm more like him. But, not vice versa. It is like giving false hope. I feel very hurt. Earlier, when at school, many of my friends who say that they both like, right in front of me. They talk so,without knowing if it turns out, I also like the people they are talking about.
But one day, he apologized to me, he said sorry and we're just friends, okay? I answer, I already thought you were my friend long ago. I want to forget you, and let you both, I'll move on ~

I'll forget you


Anonim mengatakan...

Lupain aja yelah sal. Masih banyak yang lain ko, ada gue disini;3. Go salsa!

salsabila tantri ayu mengatakan...

@anonim : maaf ini siapa ya?

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