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Letters to Mikha

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Letters to Mikha
Tuesday, May 28th 2013.
Say hello to my new crush! Xx Before I continue my letters, I’m so sorry for my grammar. Maybe, it is the most random grammar ever :’) I know you’ll never read this. But I’m writting this, as you will read. I dunno when is that•

Mikha, kamu tau gak, aku agak sedih gituya nulis ini. Okay, I’m weird. Do you know why I’m sad? Because I know, I know, I wrote a letter that will never be read by the people is the goal of this letter. Aku baru pertama kali ngerasain bener-bener yang namanya suka sama ‘artis’ not only like as an idol. I dont know am I deserve to be called as ‘Djimbas’ but one thing that I’ve known, I like you soooo much. Perhaps not only like, I could say ‘love’. I dunno this is worth it or not. This is weird or not. This is stupid or not. 

Honestly, today, tonight, I'm a little sad and shed tears because I thought, I like you, but in fact we will never meet, and even you don’t know me at all. And you have to know this is the first time I’m little crying for a boy, but it isn’t a problem for me.

Mikh, kamu tau gak? I admire you soooo much. When the first time you’re in x-factor. When you first call your name. Then, your age. So, when you said you were in college. That time, I was already very fascinated. Aku terpesona banget, Mikh. Do you think its funny or not? If this is called ‘love at the first sight?’ :-D Hehe. Aku gila ya, kebanyakan baca novel, ftv dan nonton film romance mungkin :p.

Your handsomeness, your smile, your intelligence, your voice, your attitude, the way you treat women, your laughter, your intelligence play a musical instrument. That's a small part that makes women out there fascinated and melted when listen to you sing, including me—.

Aku masih inget loh, awal kali aku kenal kamu. I still remember, you are in the x-factor auditions on 18 January 2013. I'm also still remember you sang michael buble's song, the title is 'lost'. I even still remember, one of the judges called Bebi Romeo said: your singing style on the stage is like the style people look for coins, but he said you have to keep your style because its unique. I even very remember, you said that style to relieve nervous when you sing without a guitar. I was very very very remember your name 'Mikha Angelo' became a worldwide trending topic that night. That night, I also updated about you on twitter. I still remember all of you, right? Aku gak bisa lupa, lupa tentang hal itu, Mikh

Jujur ya, Mikh aku pernah loh ngerasain flat banget liat kamu nyanyi. Aku jujur, aku gabohong. Eh terus aku pernah nyoba nyari nama kamu di soundcloud, aku dengerin. Aku dengerinnya malem-malem loh, sebelum tidur, hujan lagi. Aku melted melted gimana gitu HEHEHE. Aku suka malem hari, aku suka hujan, terus aku juga suka kamu. Semenjak itu aku suka banget (lagi) sama kamu. Terus aku juga pernah ngetweet gini, @Angelo_Mikha Mikh, mungkin kalo aku denger km nyanyi di soundcloud aku bnr-bnr melted, Tapi....kalo liat kamu di x-factor kok agak ngeflat itu ya, Mikh? Awkward. Eh tapi. You have proved, Mikh! :) One week after I critism like that. I never though before, you’re rock MIKHA! :--D kamu keren banget. You’re the coolest guys I’ve ever known!  You sang a song by NOAH.

But, you're eliminated. Since then, I really want to see you still exist in the world of music. I ever until pray, pray for you. I'm just afraid, afraid if you're only there on x-factor. And then, you joined in @SonyMusicID I was soooooooooo glad to hear that. I was very grateful. And then, there hastag # WeWantTheOvertunesAlbum I joined. Padahal pada saat itu, aku belum hafal nama personil The Overtunes selain kamu. But, I still joined.  Yes, although not much, I'm afraid of spamming.

Ohiya, Mikh. Not long after that, you performed at the result show x-factor. I’m so happy can see you again on x-factor! Your first perfomance with Kak Anggun and other boys. The second perfomance you sang ‘Good Time’ with Kak Fatin. Aku senyum-senyum sendiri liat kamu nyanyi bareng Kak Fatin. Aku gapaham aku seneng karna faktor apa? Either aku seneng karena kalian berdua sama-sama idola aku di x-factor nyanyi bareng or aku seneng karena aku berkhayal yang nyanyi di sebelah kamu itu aku.

Kamu masih inget gak? You've defended fatin? As I remember, one of the people who doesn’t like Fatin said that Fatin has a low memory. Right? Then, you replied, you also ever forget the lyrics in the XFI. The haters replied again.  Finally  you said, "Everybody make-mistake." In that time, I think. Wah kamu wise banget ya. Kamu ngebelain Fatin dengan kata-kata,“Everybody make mistake.” Itu salah satu respon yang cerdas menurut aku. You treat woman so well :--) Aku suka cowok yang kaya gitu, kaya kamu.

Then, I open one of the ‘Djimbas’ account. She said when down to the stage, you're holding Fatin’s hand. Again and again, I'm really happy. I think positive. You treat a girl well. Although I do not know the incident really happened or not. Aku seneng idola aku akrab, not like haters yang berkeliaran selama ini.

Yesterday, I was excited to see you at HitamPutih with Fatin! :D and Novita. I find it funny to see Fatin was shy. Fatin is a cute, nice, funny, friendly girl. I imagine if you were sitting next to me: $ I'm sure I would be embarrassed as well as Fatin. Aku gaada maksud buat nyebarin gosip atau apapun kok, tenang aja. Gabakal. I feel confused. when I saw you with Fatin I dont feel jealous. but when I saw you reply to tweets Djimbas actually I'm a little jealous. Weird! Aku juga bukan tipe fans yang ngelarang kamu berhubungan dengan seseorang kok! Dan bukan juga type fans yang ngebully setiap orang yang deket sama kamu. Stay calm ya :-B

Mikha, do you know? Almost every night I imagine about you =D In my imagination  you’re my boyfriend HEHE. Someday, I wish I can meet you, know you more and be your ‘friend’ or ‘close friend’. Sometimes I called you, ‘my imaginary love’

Ohiya, Mikh. Ada sepupu kamu ya usernamenya @luikaaa aku pernah ada sedikit ‘conflict’. At first, aku mikir dia kok terlalu urusin kamu banget ya? Over respon ngelaiat kamu digosipin. Toh, emang sebenernya banyak seleb yang digosipin pacaran juga diem. Kamunya aja cuek digosipin gitu J but finally, aku ngerti kok sikapnya dia. Pas baca tweetsnya Kak Mada aku tambah ngerti, kamu masih 15 tahun. Pantes aja keluarga kamu masih ngeprotect kamu  gitu. I understand. I’m so sorry to @luikaaa for this missunderstood.

I’m glad to see your smile. I’m still 15 years old, you too. I was born on 1998. I wanna know, what will you wanna be someday? I wanna see you be successfull man. We will be success together ya? Amen 0:-).
Mikha, you’re boy that I dream. I like nice guy, you’re kindly, has sense of humor, intelligent, can play a musical instrument, can sing, handsome, good attitude. and all that is in yourself. At my school, no one is perfect like you. But, unfortunately yes we are different religions: ')

Mikha, I'm writing this from my deepst heart. Without modified. I don’t care to read by anyone. Purpose that I write this is only you, Mikha Angelo

Mikha, for long time I dont feel how feel to fall in love with a guy. And I could felt it now! Because of you. I’m really happy can feel this. Thanks, Mikh! I felt sorry for my madness :p

                        A fan who is still confused, am I worth it or not to be called as 'Djimbas'
Salsabila T.A.

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Terjemahan Lirik Lagu Taylor Swift – Invisible

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Okay, sebelumnya saya mau mereview lagu ini dulu. Lagu ini berkisahkan tentang seorang gadis yang menyukai seorang pria namun pria tersebut menyukai gadis lain. Mereka sama-sama tidak dianggap oleh orang yang mereka suka, hanya itu sih simplenya. Untuk lebih jelasnya, di baca yaaa!:)

She can’t see the way your eyes light up when you smile.
Dia tidak dapat melihat matamu bersinar ketika kau tersenyum.
She’ll never notice how you stop  and stare whenever she walks by.
Dia takkan pernah sadar bagaimana kau berhenti dan menatapnya setiap kali ia lewat.
And you can’t see me wantin you the way you want her

Dan kau tak bisa melihat-ku menginginkanmu, seperti kau menginginkannya.
But you are everything to me.
Tapi kaulah segalanya bagiku

And I just wanna show you
Aku hanya ingin menunjukkan padamu
She don’t even know you
Ia bahkan tidak mengenalmu
She's never gonna love you like I want to
Ia takkan mencintaimu seperti yang ku inginkan
You just see right through me but if you only knew me
Kau hanya melihat ketika melewatiku namun jika kau hanya mengetahuiku
We could be a beautiful miracle unbelievable instead of just invisible
Kita kan menjadi keajaiban yang indah luar biasa bukan hanya tak kasat mata

There’s a fire inside of you that can’t help but shine through
Ada sebuah api di dalam dirimu yang tak dapat membantumu bersinar
She’s never gonna see the light
Ia takkan melihat cahaya itu
No matter what you do
Tak perduli apapun yang kau lakukan
And all I think about is how to make you think of me
Dan semua yang aku pikirkan adalah bagaimana caranya membuatmu berpikir tentangku
And everything that we could be
Dan segalanya yang kita bisa (lakukan)

Back to [Chorus]

Like shadows in a faded light
Seperti bayangan dalam cahaya yang memudar
Oh we’re Invisible
Oh, kita tak terlihat
I just wanna look in your eyes and make you realize
Aku hanya ingin melihat matamu dan membuatmu sadar

Back to [Chorus]

She can’t see the way your eyes light up when you smile.
Dia tidak dapat melihat matamu bersinar ketika kau tersenyum.

 Maaf kalau ada yang salah-salah.

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The Shy Girl

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Haloooo, akhirnya seminggu telah berlalu. Ini udah menjelang hari ke-7 liburan dan kali ini gue pengen membuat suatu ‘tulisan’ ceritanya kayak ngikutin Taylor Swift gitu, dia-kan jago buat lagu. Dan lirik lagunya pun relatable banget sama kehidupan remaja masa kini. Nah, karna gue sering googling lirik lagunya Tay, gue sebagai fans terinspirasi buat bikin lagu yang nge-describe perasaan gue saat itu. Berhubung gue gak bisa buat lagu, oleh karena itu gue bikin kaya sebuah tulisan, tapi gak pantes disebut puisi juga gak pantes disebut lagu. Di memo handphone tertera tanggal penulisan yaitu 20 April 2013, dua hari sebelum UN hahaha. Dan baru ada waktu menyalin ke notebook sekarang hehe :D. Here are guys!
A shy girl
Sitting in the back corner
Alone, without friends
Opening the book, then closed it again
Do not know what to do
Want to feel cool by itself
But she could not

But he,
He was there, with famous people in the class
Surrounded the popular girl
Looks so close
So united
Do not know what they're talking about
Until they’re position so close like that

Yes yes yes the girl's understood
Bent, hold all the feelings

They have the same pleasure
It was, yes it was they reason
Until so close
His hands wrapped around behind the popular girl
His other hand holding a mobile phone
Which is also held by the popular girl
The shy girl understood
The girl was still silent in place
Looked at their closeness
Seeing them interact with each other
Seeing them laugh
Teasing each other

The girl asked, how to be popular?
Yeah, how?
How she could be close to the man whom she admired so much?
She asked, whether worthy
a shy girl, innocent,  stupid,  like people like him?

The girl got up from her place.
But did not know what to do
Closer to the man
Another popular girl surprised
Their eyes
Popular boy and the shy girl
She also did not know what she was doing at that time.
Until recently, she was still confused

Tungguin postingan gue selanjutnya ya, makasih banyak banget yang udah mau baca hehe!:)

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