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This is not fair!

Posted by Salsabila Tantri Ayu at 07.40

Now I talk about a part of my life, at school I have some friends who are quite familiar. This time I feel there is injustice in my class, I havesome friends who are selfish, arbitrary, want to win themselves quasi in power. Her name is (I disguise her name) become Early. She unfairly when she instructed to another friend not to be noisy, but she is very noisy, when she instructed  must be picket, she did not picket, whenshe instructed other not cheat on she own cheating, many other things that I think this is not fair, she selfish!
Did she never think? How to be treated as such, really it's not tasty!
A lot of my friends feel uncomfortable friendship with her, but with character a selfish, overbearing, emotional then everyone afraid of her except two of my friends (again, I disguised their name become Cynthia and Maudy) Via afraid to them both. I believe Via afraid to  Maudy and Cynthia because Maudy beautiful, rich, well, known and if so angry their friends will defend Maudy, but why does not she afraid to me? I was too weak, as well with Chinty, Via afraid to argue with Chinty because the character of Chinty a talkative, a complaint and so on.
I feel most weak, I can not do anything else. I don’t want to be there problems, which I question now, why a friendship like this? There must be differences in the characters, richness, beauty? And it is so affects of my friendship? I was really weak. Until one night I cry, because a incident in school.
I feel in my friendship they are looking for isn't friendof cool, kind and intelligent. But friends are rich,beautiful, hanging out they are seeking. I actually left out some events that would not seem to me to tell.Until one night I cry, I said
God why I was made to be a weak human
It feels too easy, to being hurt
It's hard to change,
I want to be the bad guy, who can do it
Would not it have to appreciate a friend
Why are they all ignore it /
Why in this world, evil people whose life is good
Why do good people
 in life just is not good
Why did you let the bad guy survive?
If you destroy this world would be better?
Now all theories material being taught or the teacher is not important to her, which she most important: notonly come to school to study. I think the world isstrange, I hope people do not always be hurted withthe bad guy!
Maaf kata-katanya kalau salah, masih belajar 
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